1. Cabbage : 250 gm.
2. Curd : 3 Table Spoon
3. Salt: As per taste
4. Dextrose : 1 Tea spoon ( If curd is sour)
5. Chili powder / chili flakes : ¼ Tea spoon
6. Dhana jeera pwd/ Oregano : ¼ Tea spoon
7. Chaat masala : ½ Tea spoon
8. Sesame seeds : ¼ Tea spoon (optional)
9. Coriander: For garnishing




1. Soak the entire 250 gm of cabbage in a Luke-warm water added with little salt and turmeric for 15-20 mins. After 15-20 min. drain this lukewarm water and then rinse it with clean water.
2. Chop the cabbage.
3. Steam it for approx. 10 min on a Hotplate/Gas/stove.
4. Now in a bowl beat the curd. Add dextrose, salt, Coriander-Cumin powder/oregano, Chili powder/chili flakes, chaat masala, sesame seeds.
5. Churn it well. Now add steamed cabbage to thisand mix it well.
6. Garnish it with chopped coriander
7. Keep it in a refrigerator for some time before eating.
8. Now your Chilled Jhatpat Dahi Kobi is ready to serve.


P. S. : This Dahi Kobi (Cabbage) can be eaten with:

  1. Roti/ Bhakri/ Rice.
  2. As salad.
  3. Even 1 bowl of this Dahi Kobi is good for diet before lunch or dinner.


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