01 Nov 2018



In this article, we are going to understand a little more about Salt. Common salt, a common ingredient present on our dining table and in our food. For many of us, it is challenging to eat or even to imagine food prepared without putting salt in it. Yes; Salt has become a common ingredient in our day to day diet. Any food whether it is home-made or prepared commercially (Processed food) has salt added in it. We (Our taste buds) have become so used to it that; it is tough to eat food without having salt in it. However, wait;

Have you ever thought that this common salt which is a common food ingredient would be harmful to our health?

If not then it is better to start thinking about this, because the answer to this is Yes, excess salt intake for long duration can have a negative impact on our health.

Salt is chemically known as Sodium Chloride (It is a compound made up of Sodium and Chlorine). The excess intake of Sodium through salt is responsible for the negative impact our health.

How?  To understand this, we must first understand the actual requirement of Salt for our body. That means;

How much salt should we consume each day?

As per WHO guidelines the of Salt consumption should not be more than 5 gm/day

Unfortunately for most of us, the daily salt consumption exceeds this recommended amount. It happens because most of the foodstuff (commercially prepared or Homemade) we consume these days contains a high amount of salt & many of us being unaware of it ends up consuming much more salt than daily requirement.

The Common foodstuffs which can have a high salt content are:

  1. Bread
  2. Pizza
  3. Sandwiches
  4. Cold cuts & Processed Meat
  5. Burritos and Tacos
  6. Soups
  7. Chicken, whole pieces
  8. Cheese
  9. Pickles
  10. Eggs and omelettes
  11. Pasta
  12. Meat mixed dishes
  13. Bacon and Sausages
  14. Condiments (E.g. ketchup)
  15. Salad dressings and vegetable oils
  16. All ready-to-eat cereal
  17. Fish
  18. French fries and other fried white potatoes
  19. Cakes and pies

The excess consumption of salt brings a significant health risk along with it, which can have a negative impact on many organ systems in our body such as Heart, kidney, Brain, blood vessels Metabolism, bones etc.  We will discuss these health problems in detail in our next article….

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